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DECORATIVE LOCKSMITHING, a meticulous brass work. We create and renovate decorative brass objects treated with electrolyte deposite (nickel, chrome, gilt), or patinas (bronze, gunmetal grey). From private field to public, we are able of producing lamps, diverse furniture railings, bathroom furnitures, window displays, logos...


ART IRONWORKS. While it is hot, wrought iron is shaped following traditional methods. Technics as metal turning (metal leaf hammering) or foundry (melted alloy integration) will intervene in the product creation. Each conception demands a peculiar level of requirement taking notice of the customers recommendations. Banister rails, doorways and other creations will be used for private building sites projects and heritage work refurbishment.


FINE METALWORK is a skill related to heavy metal work. From sections such as steel and stainless steel, we shape products according to classic and contemporary styles. Important works such as glass canopies and glass roofs.